1. Select desired strength by adjusting the number of magnet pockets on each side. (Keep straps separate during this process.)
2. Seal the velcro pockets once magnet pouches have been inserted and magnet polarity has been checked.

3. Make sure pockets face towards center.
4. Readjust strength if needed.
5. Once desired strength has been achieved begin with basics skills before progressing onto more advanced skills.


Injury could result from improper use of this product. This product should only be used with proper supervision for its intended purpose.

ALWAYS put on and remove AnklMagz with them connected together. Magnets should only be adjusted by athletes ages 8+ or assisted by instructor. The magnets are very strong, please use caution when handling and adjusting. This is NOT a toy.



1. Stand with good posture.
2. Make sure that your shoulder blades are about 2-4 inches apart.
3. Chest should be perpendicular to chin.
4. Attach elastic strap to one side of ChinBloc.

5. Place the flat area of the ChinBloc with the Perfecta Flip logo under chin with the curve facing neck.
6. Place wedge with caution label against chest.
7. Apply light pressure by pushing chin into logo.
8. Attach elastic strap to the opposite side of the ChinBloc.
9. Perform basic skills and drills such as: rebounds, rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and round offs to familiarize yourself with the product before moving on to more advanced skills.


Q: Items like your ChinBloc and AnklMagz look a little bit intimidating. Do you have any other updates or new colors coming out soon?
A: Actually, yes! A lot of our products will be coming out in different colors, like pink, very soon! We also have really cool new merchandise coming out- check out out IG @perfectaflip for sneak previews and more.

Q: I love your products and I would love to become a company ambassador! Are you currently accepting ambassadors in to your program?
A: We really appreciate your interest in becoming a Perfecta Flip Ambassador! Though our Ambassador program is currently very small, we are always open to meeting new people that want to be part of the Perfecta Flip family. Please DM us on IG @perfectaflip or send us an email at with your name, age, where you cheer, and a short paragraph about why you love our products!

Q: Will the Perfecta Flip team be doing any camps in my home state this year?
A: Yes! We are currently looking in to doing more Perfecta Flip camps across the country. If you think that your state/gym would be a good place to host a Perfecta Flip camp, please reach out to us at!

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team via this contact sheet!

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