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“I haven’t used the ChinBlock for much time but I can already see improvement in my technique overall throughout my skills. It really made me engage my core and keep my chin in, really capitalizing on my hollow body which is principle in technique at all levels including flying!”

-Allison Trinks (Elite Level Tumbler)


“I like using these above a lot of other methods and products because it doesn’t force any position. It helps to keep athlete in the right position but still allows for mistakes, allowing the athlete to realize and feel changes in body shape and position… Thank you @perfectaflip for the GREAT products!”


– Sean Guzman
Tumbling Director
Top Gun Allstars

“I’ve been using the ChinBlock for a month now and the improvement I have made is incredible. My tumbling is much lighter, higher, and prettier than it ever was in the past.”

-Sara Cooper (Elite Level Flyer/Tumbler)

“Super responsive! Quality product, looking forward to watching my daughter improve her technique & muscle memory with the Anklmagz! I believe this is going to be her best tumbling training aid yet!

Thank you Perfectaflip!”

“We at Opelika Trampoline & Tumbling LOVE the AnklMagz! We have two pairs and they have done wonders for our athletes! ArmBandz are being shipped now and can’t wait to use them! Awesome company with great products!! Will keep purchasing!”
“ Great products and even more amazing service, my athletes absolutely love working with the Chinbloc and Anklmags!!”

-Allison Trinks (Elite Level Tumbler)

“Excellent customer service has almost become a thing of the past…but not with PERFECTA FLIP!!! Great company, staff, organization…you won’t be disappointed!“

“Using the ChinBlock while stunting made staying tight a lot easier. While spinning and flipping in the air I was able to keep my body tight allowing my bases to catch me and hit the stunts!”

-Izzy Bloomquist (Former Maryland Twisters F5 Flyer)

“They work awesome & We had some awesome improvement today.”

-Randy Dobbs (Owner of River City Cheer and Gymnastics)

“My kids love your product”

-Jonathan Espinosa (Tumbling Coach)

“This thing is the Golden Touch”

-Courtney Smith Pope (Cheer Extreme Allstars)

“Send Us More NOW!!!”


-Tiy Fountain (World Cup Allstars)